Sri Lanka Arugam Bay – kumana nationalpark 08/2013

Sri Lanka – Arugam Bay Surftrip 08/2013 Part 1

My girlfriend and myself heading through sri lanka for a 3 week summer holiday. After a long night at the Dubai airport and a long taxi drive throgh the island (included the first curry and rice, khottu and a crazy elephant expirience on the road) we arrived arugam bay.

Surf in the mornings and evenings (pretty crowded on a okish backhander) at the main point, relaxing between the hot hours by breaky, sometimes totaly brain overflowed by the culture surroundings we became friends with the bay.

The pictures are from our first days in arugam bay and a amazing safari in the kumana (yala) nationalpark.


P.S. More pics will follow soon.


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